Event Schedule

PlayDay South Orange takes place from 1pm-6pm on September 16.  All Play Areas will be open during that time.  Please note that wristband sales end at 5pm and lines for activities will close at 5:30pm. Please check back for the 2018 Schedule.

PlayDay Main Stage (South Orange Avenue at Valley St/Scotland Rd.)

1:30pm    TBD

2:00pm    TBD

2:45pm    TBD

3:30pm    TBD

4:30pm    TBD

5:00pm    Maria Priadka Dance Studio

5:30pm     Town Hall Deli Sloppy Joe Eating Contest

Sloan Street Gazebo

1:00PM    TBD

2:00PM    TBD

3:00PM    TBD

3:30PM    TBD

Art Experience sponsored by South Orange Country Day School (Spiotta Park)

1pm – 5:30pm:

Airbrush Face Painting with Denise Hayden (additional fee applies)

3D Scanning and Lounge with the SO Public Library

Find what you’re looking for at the Village Center